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Bee Line Computerized Wheel Alignment

Bee Line Computerized Wheel Alignment


Bee Line's state-of-the-art computerized alignment systems utilize lasers, which are more accurate than manual or infared sensors.  The bright laser beams are highly visible and show any alignment errors on the vehicle.  Bee Line lasers provide the most accurate alignment readings on the market today.  While most systems only measure to one hundredths of an inch (0.01), Bee Line uses a system capable of measuring alignment variables to five thousandths of an inch (0.005).

All corrections and adjustments to a vehicle's alignment are done with a "live" reading.  The readings for toe, rear tracking and camber are shown on the computer screen or a wireless remote display and reflect all changes as corrections are being made to ensure accuracy.

Calibration is built-in on Bee Line equipment.  Calibration is an important part of any alignment system and should be done frequently to ensure accurate alignment readings.  Bee Line's equipment has built in calibration capability and can be calibrated by the operator at any time in just a few minutes.  There is no long wait between calibrations and no extra expense while waiting for an outside party to come and calibrate the equipment.

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