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No More Flats

No More Flats

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Eliminate flat tires forever!
Even in the most hazardous enviroments, tires filled with Arnco's patented Tire Flatproofing can never go flat.  Also referred to as foam fill, this product will increase the productivity of your equipment and will significantly increase tire life without the hard ride resulting from solid rubber tires.

How it works?
Arnco's patented liquid polyurethane is pumped into the tire through the valve system, replacing the air in any pneumatic tire.  The result is synthetic rubber core that will never go flat!  And thanks to our unequaled formulation process, tires run much smoother and cooler.  What does that mean to you?  A longer lasting tire and a better performing machine.  And since no two applications are alike, we use application specific formulas to ensure top performance.



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